Wednesday, March 29, 2006

You Deserve It Too

Reader: So, AMP you say you deserve it. You say you’ve earned this fabulous southern California lifestyle with the great weather, the beaches, and the ocean. Not to mention the fabulous fiancé and the cush job. Tell us, what exactly did you do to deserve it?

I worked 18 hour days for 2 years straight
I took calls from Japan at midnight and from Europe at 5am
I spent over half my nights alone in strange hotel rooms
I flew to England, Germany, France and back all within one week
Over and over again
I lost so much weight I dropped below 100 pounds
I aquired raccoon-like dark circles around my eyes
I lost my mind and then got it back again
I met interesting, amazing people whom I was too exhausted to appreciate
I developed a most discriminating taste in sushi
I accumulated an obscene amount of frequent flyer miles
And I made a hell of a lot of money
But most of all,
I gave up my sanity, my health and 2 years of my life for something that really didn’t matter

Readers, I hope you find something that makes your heart soar and your mind thrive. I hope that you find happiness in your life. That you set your priorities right. That you might learn from my mistakes, because you deserve it too.


Johntex said...

I have, I met you.

jen said...

Lucky guy gets you 24/7. I'm still pouting that I might not even see you when you're here next week. If we could just do something about west TX, NM and AZ...