Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Favorite Wedding Moment #6

My girlfriend M rolled her 86 year-old wheel-chair bound grandpa over to see me.

“KK, I have something to say to you,” he said in his slow, deliberate Alabama way. And then, drawing out the end of each phrase he said,

I hope you have the ability
To keep your agility
To maintain your virility
Until your senility.

Then he sat back proud and just beamed with a smile stretching ear to ear.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Favorite Wedding Moment #2-5

One of John’s friends after meeting Billie Sue for the first time:

“John, I got a chance to talk to your mom at the barbeque, and she went on and on telling me how different the two of you are. But the whole time I felt like I was talking to you.”

My dad in his toast:

"I want to wish you both good luck - especially John."

The very first thing my cousin's boyfriend said to me after the ceremony:

"How did the quarterbacks look at the scrimmage this morning?"

John's brother after our first dance:

"If Dad had known that you two were going to dance like that, he would have stayed alive for the wedding."
John said not to worry, King Richard had the best seat in the house.

One of John's best friends when he saw me in my wedding gown for the very first time:

Thanks alot Bill.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Favorite Wedding Moment #1

John’s three-year-old nephew had been told to ‘behave at the wedding’ so many times that whenever he saw John’s mom he’d shout, “Granny, I’ll be good at the wedding!” And he was. I’m not sure that anyone enjoyed our wedding more than he did.

He went with his mom and dad and granny to try on his tails before the big day. He shimmied on his dress pants and dress shirt and then his bow tie. “You look handsome Drake,” granny fawned. “No. Not yet,” he was adamant. He slipped on his silver vest. “Not yet,” he warned. Then he put on his black coat with tails, launched a huge smile and said, “NOW I’m handsome.”

The night of the wedding he danced almost every dance, never taking off his coat. The next day he asked, “Can we go to KK’s and John’s wedding again today?”

My goddaughter Rachel, who is also three, was equally thrilled to be in the wedding. So much so, that in the days leading up to it she referred to it as her wedding. “Mommy, when do we get to go to my wedding,” she’d ask.

At the rehearsal she was none too sure of the little boys who were traipsing around. I asked the five-year-old later, “Why were you chasing Rachel?” “Because she wouldn’t hold my hand,” he answered. But something magical must have happened because after that they were inseparable. They held hands at the rehearsal dinner and at the pool the next day – he showed off his canon ball and she showed off her goggles.

There was actually a plan of who would walk with whom down the aisle, but we were prepared to witness almost anything during the real event. As it turned out my two-year-old goddaughter walked down the aisle with her mom Jen, my five year-old cutie walked down with John’s two oldest nephews, and the two three-year-olds accompanied each other.

The aisle has two short sets of steps and at the first one Drake let go of Rachel’s hand and jumped down all three steps at once. Then he did a little dance and finally caught up with Rachel who was sprinkling petals nicely along her way. When she reached the front, she turned her basket upside down and shook it to make sure not a petal was left. Then she kicked off her shoes and sat down right next to the preacher. Meanwhile Drake said, “Now I’m going to walk down again with KK and her daddy,” and before anyone could stop him he was blasting back up the aisle. His dad’s face dropped and he silently mouthed Stop Him but to no avail. John’s friend Rob started whispering, “he’s at the 50, the 40, the 30, he may Go. All. The. Way! Oh – stopped at the 10 yard line,” where he was scooped up into his mom’s arms.

That was a tough act to follow!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

I am told that it was a lovely wedding.

That the ceremony was sweet and touching, that the brides maids and groomsmen cried. That the flower girls and their little boy escorts were adorable. That the reception was a blast – the food and cake and swing band divine. That is was the best wedding people had ever attended.

For me it’s all rather a blur – there was nervousness, love and wonder, excitement and dazzling dancing, a whirlwind of people, a couple bites of food, tears, a mad dash for our waiting car, more tears, relief and exhaustion.

I am thrilled and honored to be married to my John. I know that we will love and cherish each other for all the days to come. That together we will share in and support each other through whatever life may bring. I have married the best man I have ever known.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

John's bathroom

On Friday the contractor installed the toilet in our new bathroom. John was thrilled to see the gleaming white beacon when he got home. We marveled at it; we flushed it; we tried it out for size. (I must say it does have a very form-fitting seat.) We played with the lid and seat. (Without realizing it I had ordered a model with an automatically closing lid and seat. I think it might actually make John keep the lid down just for the shear novelty of it.) Later that evening I couldn’t find him or the day’s paper.

“Where are you? What are you doing?” I shouted.

“I’m in the bathroom. Reading.”

“You’re just sitting in there reading?”

“Yep. I paid nineteen thousand dollars for this bathroom, I sure as hell am going to get my money’s worth out of it!”

Friday, August 04, 2006

Wedding Dreams

As the days till the wedding evaporate, my dreams about the wedding are becoming more frequent. Here's a taste of my mind's moonlight wanderings.

I stepped into my wedding shoes and the heels shrank - from a sexy three and half inches down to a mere half inch. With no time to spare I grabbed my laptop and headed straight to Stuart Weitzman. But my wireless card wasn't working and Tim Allen was too busy playing balderdash with his friends to help me. Don't even ask why I was at the tool man's house. I struggled in vain until I woke. Lucky for me my shoes are still a stunning 3 1/2 inches tall.