Friday, March 03, 2006

No School on Fridays

So what will I do this Friday? After our lovely early morning stroll with our septuagenarian French neighbor, Annie and I debated and then decided that we should lie on the couch, watch movies, make cookies, and make chicken enchiladas for dinner. (Piper said she didn’t care what heck we did as long as it didn’t infringe on her fourteen hour nap.)

Two hours later Annie and I decided we needed a little more girlish fun, so we went shopping! Doggie style. We picked out several very delicious looking treats, one chew toy (see picture below), gravy for the kibble, and some kitty grass for the cat. My idea, not Annie’s.

Not only did Annie shop for goodies today, she also peed right in the middle of the store. Annie can pee with the best of them; she even lifts her leg and everything. If dogs pee on things to establish territory or ownership, as some people say, then we own some pretty nice property and apparently part of PetSmart,
When I told John about our new acquisition, he retorted, "PetSmart's share price is down today, must be the cleaning supply expenses."

If this is all getting a bit too mushy (or stinky) for you, don’t worry. I have some math to make you feel better. [See the post below]

Who was the mathematician who said “When I feel down, I do math to feel better. When I’m happy, I do math to stay happy….”

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