Thursday, March 02, 2006

Some of My Favorite Student Emails

dr.k hi I know is kind of late to ask you this but i dont understand this problem at all I am stuck on this i have looked at the example over and over i still cant figure it out can you help me and if i dont get a chance to finish my homework can i make it up and get some credit for it the reason i didnt start on this earlier is beacause i have had to work alot of overtime and i have had to help my boys out with their work at school and one of my boys is doing special projects at school i have had to take him here and there thank you.

Ah, she finally found the period key!

Dr. K,

I have just one question. Well, so far I have only one question. This is probably the first of many questions.

I do not believe you said whether we need to memorize the table of integrals for our test. Because I don’t recall you spent very much time on this.

It would be helpful if you respond by today.

Thank you,


Let’s see. The CRC lists 728 equations in its table of integrals. I think I’ll tell him yes.

IS HE OUT OF HIS MIND?! This is like asking if he should memorize statistical tables or logarithmic tables - okay, sorry, I can't think of any non-math examples.

Dr. K,
My name LTJG XXXXXX. I am the Education Services Officer on USS ZZZZZ. I am requesting an extension for 4 assignments and 1 exam from today, Thurs 02 MAR 06, until midnight Sunday 05 Mar 06 for your student, YYYYY. We are currently at sea and scheduled to come back into port for two days on Saturday. There have been some issues with the IT side of the house, no ability to download directly from the internet, because we are in the middle of the pacific and have no hardwire connection to shore. Because of this, there is no way for Mr. YYYYY to download the required programs and complete his assignments on time. Please consider giving him an extension under the circumstances. Feel free to contact me if you have any more questions. Thanks.

Very Respectfully,
Education Services Officer

I don't have a smart-ass comment for this. I just thought it was great getting a letter from an officer out at sea.

Dr. K,

I recently found out that I was dropped for non-payment of my courses this semester, which I found odd because I thought the matter was already taken care of. The Records Department informed me that if I wanted to stay in your course (which I do), I would have to have you sign the Late Add Petition. However, I do not know how do this since this course is through the internet. Do you have office hours or are you ever on campus? Please let me know.

Also, I know that I am behind in the work but I have taken this class before (both on campus and online) so the beginning chapters should be just a refresher to me. I hope that you will still consider adding me to your class.

I apologize for all the trouble and hope to hear from you soon.


ID# 1234567

I have never heard of this student before in my life, but s/he must really like this class if s/he’s taking it for the third time. How does one make this kind of mistake?

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