Friday, May 19, 2006

Tuesdays and Thursdays aren’t bad either

Usually they’re good. Very, very good. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I don’t teach until 3:30pm, which leaves my mornings free to do whatever I can dream up. Okay, I don’t often get more creative than crawling back into bed with my coffee and a good book once John leaves for work. But that IS one of my favorite things.

This Thursday included another one of my favorite things, going to see my marvelous hair dresser Keri. There are a few things you should know about my visits to Keri. The first is that I often put a note on the inside of the front door to remind me of any extra errands I need to run each day. So, the day before seeing Keri, there’s usually a note up there that reads HAIR in big block letters. This is also my little way of ensuring that I receive the appropriate complements when John gets home.

One week I flew out the door without taking the note with me, partly to make John aware of my new found radiance. That particular evening John came home and we began the normal evening rituals – making dinner, discussing our days, playing with Annie and Piper. I waited patiently for my complements to begin. Finally out of desperation I pointed to the note on the door. “You forgot to get your hair cut!” John shouted.

That’s another one I’m not letting him forget.

Believe it or not, it was a hair stylist that signified a serious progression in our relationship. John also gets his hair done by Keri. He likes all of the perks that come with a trip to an Aveda salon, like the shoulder, neck and scalp massage, the scented oil aromatherapy, the great hair products and the ability of an Aveda stylist like Keri to make him look, as he says, ‘edgy’. One day about four years ago John picked me up from the airport at the end of a week long business trip to Argentina. I was exhausted, but tan, happy, and carrying a couple of well chosen souvenirs, including a very sexy pair of shoes. (In my opinion, Argentinean women have perfected the art of sex appeal, and my male co-workers seemed to agree.)

John had an appointment that morning at an Aveda salon along the coast, and I decided to ride along with the hope that they would be able to work me in. I could tell that John was a little uneasy with my idea. “It’s just that I don’t like to share my hair stylist with someone I’m dating.” Now I was confused. “If we broke up, we couldn’t both keep going to the same stylist. And I don’t want to lose her.” I must have giggled. “I think it’s a reasonable precaution,” he continued. And so this simple outing had turned into a make-or-break moment for our relationship.

In the end John made the noble, brave decision, and we’ve been using the same hair dresser ever since. Clearly he made the right choice. Soon, Keri will be working her magic to make us both look perfect for our wedding day.

This week, John noticed my hair. We’re in high romance mode, soaking up the sweetness until John leaves again on Sunday.

Poop update: I collected a sample, and the vet sent it to a lab for analysis. We should know something later today.

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