Wednesday, May 31, 2006

One day last week we were working on the list of people to invite to our wedding…

KK: John, your mother said she only wanted to invite 50 people, but each week she sends me more names. She currently wants to invite 130 people.

John: Let me see that list. He grabs it from my hands.

John: I don’t even know who some of these people are!

So, we call Billie Sue.

John: Mom, who are Mr. and Mrs. MacMerter?

Billie Sue: They lived next door to us in Marshall when you were born.

John: We moved away from Marshall when I was one year old. Have I ever seen them since?

Billie Sue: Your brother used to play with their kids when he was little.

John: Mom, have I ever seen them since I was a year old?

Billie Sue: No.

KK: They’re OFF the list!


Johntex said...

I think there needs to be more stuff about how sweet little John was supportive of taking them off the list.

KK said...

John, you're just too sweet for words! It would be impossible to include all of that sweetness!!