Friday, May 05, 2006

Running for (not from) a Wedding

It’s time to get in shape. To stop fooling around. To burn off this belly and slim down that rear end. (In a massive Freudian slip John called them “chubby cheeks” when he swears what he meant to say was chilly cheeks. He’s still suffering for that one.) The reason for all this? I’m getting married in three months and I have bought myself a stunning, slinky wedding dress. The kind that doesn’t look good with bulging bellies and butt beneath it.

My first step was to lay in all the right equipment. I went to the running store and bought two new pair of shoes. It’s best to rotate them you know, a different pair every day. During my running hiatus my old pair were co-opted for gardening. Then I bought a couple of pretty running outfits and a variety of new socks. I am on the way to a new me, I felt. But first, I needed a stop at McDonalds for a quarter-pounder combo meal, supersized. And of course, after that I needed a nap.

Later this afternoon I put on all my new gear. I had forgotten how good new clothes make a girl feel. I’ve been so busy buying things like a maid, wedding invitations, a new bathroom and termite tenting that I forgot all about the power of clothes shopping to lift one’s spirits. Anyway, I got decked out in over a hundred dollars worth of sparkly, scientifically engineered fabrics and went for a run. A whole mile and a half.

But I’ve got to start somewhere. BTW I found a simple little internet site that lets you chart your progress and keep you motivated. Remember the President’s Physical Fitness Program that we participated in at grade school? Well, it’s still around. And now they have a website for grown-ups.

It may be a long road getting back into shape, but it’s worth it. I feel wonderful when I run. And it (like the internet) can be addictive.

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