Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Oh let me count the ways that I am in heaven

I am presently sitting outside (reclining actually on my oh-so-soft and comfortable chaise lounge) on the patio of my courtyard in beautiful sunny SoCal. Not a cloud in the sky, a mere 73 degrees, Annie at my feet and Piper smelling the new blooms on our tropical plants. All while typing on my laptop and sipping a delicious beverage. This is after a refreshing hour of driving around in the convertible singing "This is the best day of my life," my own personal ditty.

Why is that? you ask. Because while I am luxuriating, basking in this wonderful life, someone else is cleaning my house. I do believe the house has never been cleaner. The hardwood floors gleam, as do my windows, and the sinks, bathtub and bathroom floors. Not a spot of dust, nor even a stray hair. (Which is saying a lot living with Annie and Piper.) The wood furniture is infused with orange scented oil, and the beds are plump and inviting with sheets smelling of springtime.

Life is good. Very good indeed.


KK said...

Did I mention that I'm wearing my pink and purple stripped hat from Amsterdam? That really completes the image of wonting entitlement doesn't it?

jen said...

I'm growling, you just can't hear me via the internet.