Saturday, April 08, 2006

Life is Good

I feel healthy and rejuvenated
The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming and the birds are chirping
Annie is at my side
And best of all John is home from a week abroad

I also feel fine because I

Hired a maid. You must pause here to reflect on how outrageously, gloriously happy that makes me. Only another woman with the same German-inherited and inescapable fastidiousness and cleaning compunction would understand.

Signed up for yoga classes. My septuagenarian French neighbor says those aren't a luxury but rather a requirement. She's been going every Monday morning years. I will try to catch up.

Saw Marvin Hamlisch in Concert. He's absolutely one of my favorites. And as if that weren't enough, our symphony's director announced that he will be our new principal pops conductor!

Bought a stunningly, breath-takingly beautiful wedding gown. It also, unfortunately, took away a lot of my pocketbook.

There you have it. Four things to make you happy when you’re feeling down.

The truth is I had a bit of buyer’s remorse after plunking down the hefty sum for that wedding dress and couldn’t help feeling a little disconsolate.

I think I may have to go clothes shopping to cheer myself up, she says with wink!


jen said...

Worth every penny.

KK German said...

Hi KK,

Had to check in with you. This is KK in Virginia Beach. I've had the name KK since birth, but you don't find too many KK's! I tell people there's KK doughnuts, KK Toys (used to be at least). They say pink is an immature color, but it is the color of love. Breathe pink for rejuvenation and Salute to the Sun. :)