Friday, February 24, 2006


The great Coffee House Tour of 2006 is temporarily suspended.

John comes home tonight from three weeks abroad. For my last evening of anonymous pleasure, I ate el authentico Tex-Mex. It’s hard to find good Mexican food – read lots of meat and cheese – in the alfalfa sprout capital, but we actually did it! This treasure is just 2 doors down from the VMars coffee house. Who knows, maybe someday it will make it into the show.

When I emailed John about my internet addiction and nascent blog he was thrilled – and then mortified. “You can’t say anything to hurt my presidential bid!”

Well, I think John can do that all on his own. (But that's another story.)

When IS this run for the White House anyway? This is the same line he used to lure me five years ago, and my oval office carpet designs, china patterns, and wardrobe dreams continue to linger. A girl can only wait so long for her presidential power fulfillment. (Imagine the pedicures!)

At least John and I are finally getting married. For years I feared I would be the first First Mistress.

So, for the remainder of my last lonely night I will sip my latte, read my book and then Annie and I will head for the airport!

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