Saturday, February 18, 2006

I think I'm addicted to the internet

It all started around the time K.A. got in touch with me. She googled me, she said. She discovered where I went to school, what I do for a living, where I live. It got me wondering what else is out there.

It was after I read the latest Charles Krauthammer article. Where I found his links to blogs. I started clicking on all the ones with names that caught my attention: Stacked, Waiter Rant, Crazy Aunt Purl,… Once I was at eBlogger I hit Random Blog and just started reading.

And in a weird way it made me feel less lonely. Online I found people who made me laugh, who are smart and interesting, who share some of my own thoughts and feelings. How many such people might I find in an hour, in two hours…

It could take my whole life to meet just a handful of people like that in person in San Diego. Isn’t it ironic that by becoming more insular – glued to my laptop, sitting on my couch – I might actually be becoming more connected.

So I shared this thought with my best girlfriend J. She struggles with the same problem, though perhaps worse – being stuck in mommy-ville inside a cookie-cutter suburb of Houston. She, however, has made friends with one of her fellow bloggers.

So I started one. I started my very first blog.

At least leave the house, she said. You can still be glued to your laptop, but try doing it from inside a coffee house for a change. And what do you know? My first night out I met another professor who teaches at the same college I do.

Now I’m on night two of the great coffee house tour of 2006.

This is the one they show on Veronica Mars. Where Keith met up with Veronica’s counselor. And it’s a completely different crowd from last night’s trendy, urban spot.

There’s the:
· odd gay couple - skinny white guy and large Chinese man, each with a laptop, comparing computer code it looks like
· middle aged man and woman - talking cheek to cheek
· middle-aged Hispanic studying a big book - and definitely looking out of place (Maybe it's because I just watched a VMars episode, but he looks like he could be Weevil's uncle)
· cute young college girl, with requisite laptop, and older (~40ish) man
· pensive high schooler (sitting next to me) working on a homework assignment
· high school basketball player
Maybe everybody just looks young to me - now that I'm getting (slightly) older
· lonely 30-something writing in her journal - NOT ME
· I'm the cute "I can't believe she's 30-something" curled up on the couch with her new blouse on. (The one she treated herself to at Nyla's yesterday.)

And that's all I can see from my cozy corner.

So, I’m ready. Where are all the people who are supposed to read MY blog? HERE I AM. I’M READY FOR YOU.


Anonymous said...

Thats funny, I just started going to coffee shops as well last week and I noticed the same types of people. Well seem like you're enjoying this blogging thing. You write quite well..
Just thought id leave a comment since youre waiting for people to read this..

KK said...

Thanks Alli! Keep reading!