Thursday, February 23, 2006

Little Orphan Annie

I made it three miles and was finally in the cool down phase. I like to run late at night when no one can see me. As I rounded the corner to our house, I saw a flurry of activity – grey forms dancing across the street. And then I heard the yelp. I ran towards the activity just in time to see a small grey bundle scamper under the neighbor’s car. I’m used to seeing coyotes around the neighborhood.

They come up from the canyon in the late night and early morning – searching for dinner in the form of cats and small dogs. Perhaps that’s what I heard, I wasn't sure. I tried to coax the animal out from under the car, but to no avail. So I went inside, showered, and turned in.

Two days later my neighbor was trying to leave the house but couldn’t get a scroungey little dog out from beneath her car. My other neighbor – the doggie expert – came to the rescue; She discovered a grey, hopeless little figure, with big sad eyes, bleeding from her side. This was Annie.

Two surgeries, several baths, and lots of TLC later she's the gorgeous girl in the picture below.

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Jen said...

Finally a picture, a face for the name. I've been so lost without one.