Monday, July 03, 2006

Kate Moss? Who’s Kate Moss?

My friend Jen wrote this fabulous piece on her blog. But I had to admit that I didn’t know who Kate Moss is. “You need to get your nose out of Scientific American and read People Magazine for a change,” she said.

“Can I help it if my favorite magazines are The Economist, Wired, and Texas Monthly?”

“Hey, I’ve seen a Cosmo at your place.”

“That was John’s. Whenever I hear riotous laughter coming from the bathroom, I know he’s in there reading Cosmo. The only downside are the sex tip articles. He’ll come out saying, ‘They're right on about #4, #22, and #80! In fact, I'll circle some for you, if you like.’”


jen said...

Uh yeah, People...I'm only that classy in fiction. What I recommended was US Weekly.

Mel said...

KK I can't believe you don't know you Kate Moss is!!! You seriously need to get your fine arse this side of the Pond and spend some time in my home town. I am sure I can find you some places that she's trying to avoid Pete Doherty in (I'll leave you to Google for that), Mel xxx

jen said...

Thanks for backing me up, Mel. I was considering revamping my magazine subscriptions to include more periodicals like *gasp* WIRED.

KK said...

How can y'all LIVE without WIRED?

KK said...

Another great mag is Technology Review by MIT. I highly recommend it.

I'm just lucky I have such cool friends!

jen said...

Girl, you keep talking like that and not even cool friends can sve you.