Monday, July 17, 2006

I Have Become My Father

If it were up to me, I never would have done it. But John insisted.

And so this week the miracle of air conditioning appeared in our home. It is a truly glorious, blessed thing that simply cannot be appreciated by those who have never gone without.

We set it to 68 and stood mesmerized in front of the vent as our hair and clothes were blown by a massive rush of cold air. I went around the house drawing curtains, shutting off vents and closing the doors to empty rooms, turning off lights, and tightly securing doors and windows. I refused to let even the tiniest wayward lick heat into our dreamy comfort.

“Shut that door, you’re letting the cold air out!” I yelled to John.

With fear in his eyes I heard him say, “I’ve created a monster.”


Frank said...

On the other side of the heat situation.

I remember moving into a house built around a log house in upstate New York. Snow would blow into the bedroom so I would shovel snow against the outside of the house to insulate it and prevent more snow from blowing in. The water left in the bottom of the bath tub would freeze … I decided that was enough, so I closed off as many rooms as I could. Since this was the last winter in that house we ended up living in the room with the fireplace and kept warm by burning furniture. Right now it sounds wonderful.

Hard for someone from around Austin, Texas to understand.

jen said...

I can't believe you have AC. Go, John.

I've had it both ways, "Close the door, you're letting the heat/cold out." Of course when you're the daughter of my mother you have play the cash card, too, "Close that door...we're not made of money." Of course that's the version my girls get.

KK said...

Good one.
John's family said "Close the door! We're not air conditioning the whole neighborhood!"

After which he'd sit and ponder exactly what it would take to achieve that.

jen said...

Of course he would.