Monday, August 28, 2006

Favorite Wedding Moment #2-5

One of John’s friends after meeting Billie Sue for the first time:

“John, I got a chance to talk to your mom at the barbeque, and she went on and on telling me how different the two of you are. But the whole time I felt like I was talking to you.”

My dad in his toast:

"I want to wish you both good luck - especially John."

The very first thing my cousin's boyfriend said to me after the ceremony:

"How did the quarterbacks look at the scrimmage this morning?"

John's brother after our first dance:

"If Dad had known that you two were going to dance like that, he would have stayed alive for the wedding."
John said not to worry, King Richard had the best seat in the house.

One of John's best friends when he saw me in my wedding gown for the very first time:

Thanks alot Bill.

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jen said...

So good to catch up. It's nice to look back on already. I have photos to send you.